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About NPO

The Oregon Nurses Association has been the professional voice of nurses in Oregon for over 100 years. Nurse Practitioners established a special interest group within ONA in 1977 and achieved prescriptive authority in 1979.

Over time, this designation has changed to become "Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO).” Your membership dues support the legislative activities in Oregon needed to enhance and at times maintain our progressive and independent NP practice. We also receive administrative support for our many organizational activities through the payment of our dues.

Our NP Annual Educational Conference generates additional income for the use of NPO and to benefit Nurse Practitioners. With our funds we have supported educational scholarships for NPs, lent support for NP mission activities, maintained a NPO website, and are supportive of enhanced care activities for Oregonians (i.e. recent grant to organization working to achieve access to care for uninsured Oregonians).

Membership in ONA means that an NP is automatically a member of NPO. ONA’s leadership team is called the Board of Directors and NPO also has an executive committee elected by NP members. Staff support to our leadership team is also supplied by ONA.

Click here to visit the ONA website for more information on the Oregon Nurses Association


NPO Purpose

The purpose of Nurse Practitioners of Oregon shall be to:

  1. Initiate and/or support legislation of interest to the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon membership.
  2. Promote recognition of the Nurse Practitioner's role by the public, other professional health care groups, and the nursing profession.
  3. Provide a forum for the exchange of information and act as a support system for Nurse Practitioners.

NPO History

Nurse practitioners (NPs) have provided high quality health-care services to patients across the nation for more than 40 years.

NPs provide primary and some acute care, are qualified to meet the majority of patients’ health-care needs, and truly are the future of health care in America. Here, in Oregon, we promote a comprehensive approach to health care, emphasize the overall health and wellness of our patients, and advocate for change in Oregon’s health care system...all for the benefit of our patients.

Historic Accomplishments for Oregon’s Nurse Practitioners

  • 1975: Establishment of Nurse Practitioners in the State of Oregon
  • 1977: Oregon’s nurse practitioners (NPs) established a special interest group within ONA. Over time, this designation has changed to become Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO)
  • 1979: NP prescriptive privileges in the State of Oregon
  • 1985: Governing body changes from the Board of Medical Examiners to the Oregon State Board of Nursing
  • 1990: Workers Comp care
  • 1991: NPs reimbursed for Medicare/Medicaid care
  • 1992: NPs able to provide Oregon Department of Transportation employee physicals
  • 1993: NPs able to provide Department of Motor Vehicle employee physicals, special education student exams
  • 1993: Abolished Prescriptive Council; maintained formulary
  • 1998: NPs get schedule 2 privileges
  • 2001: NPs authority to sign death certificates and admit to Home Health care
  • 2002: NPs given electronic prescription transmission privileges Omnibus Bill: cleaned up State statues to now say "physician and NP”
  • 2008: Formulary abolished
  • 2009: Oregon Health Fund Board recommendations for integrated health home continue to support a range of providers including NPs
  • 2010: Activates to allow NPs to delegate dispensing in health care setting
  • In 2013, ONA helped pass HB 2902, the first law in the U.S. to require insurance companies to reimburse NPs at the same rate as physicians when providing the same primary care or mental care service

Join us, and add your voice to the growing movement of Oregon’s Nurse Practitioners!


10/16/2020 » 10/17/2020
43rd Annual NPO Education Conference

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