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NP Students and Preceptors

NPO would like to help connect Nurse Practitioner students with potential preceptors.

If you are a student looking for a preceptor, please have your Oregon licensed faculty member who will be the faculty member for your clinical experience email NPO at with a course description including objectives, times and expected outcomes.

Once the request has been submitted, NPO will post the information below so interested NPs can contact the faculty member to see if they will be a good fit for the preceptorship. If you have any questions or want more information, please reference the preceptor criteria, as determined by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, listed below.


NP Student Name NP Student Location
Faculty Member/School Course Description Times
Rachel Wells Eugene, Medford, Roseburg, and surrounding areas Tricia Hue, 

University of South Alabama

Course Description Fall 2018 (August-December 2019)  

Tricia K. Huey RN, DNP, CPNP

Haley Epps Portland Metro Colleen Kennedy, SON Clinical Coordinator at The George Washington University NURS 6224, NURS 6225, NURS 6226
  • Summer 2018: Adult Int Med/Prim Care
  • Fall 2018: Adult Int Med/Prim Care
  • Spring 2019: Long Term Care
Sonia Wright Portland and surrounding area Susan Vogelsmeier, DNP, FNP-BC;; Graceland University NURS6740 Pediatrics/Adults: Spring (January) 2019 and Summer (May) 2019. Family: Fall (Sept) 2019

Sonia Wright:

Nora Cary Gilliam County and very willing to travel Emily Sawyer Bentley, DNP, FNP-C, AGACNP-BC
University of South Alabama College of Nursing
Assistant Professor, Dual Role (FNP/AGACNP) FNP Coordinator
AHN 549 and AHN 551 Fall 2018 for FP, Peds and OB/GYN and Spring 2019 for FP and Internal Medicine. Nora Cary: hbc1721@
Elise Garrett Linn or Lane County Mykale Elbe, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Catherine McAuley School of Nursing College of Health Professions Maryville University
Course Description Full Year 2018
Julie Walko  Portland and/or areas within one hour commute of Portland (e.g., Clatskanie, Cascade Locks)  Angela Novak, Clinical Placement Coordinator, University of North Dakota,, 701-777-4556 Course Description Summer 2018, Gerontology rotation angela.c.novak@
Sharon Botchway Portland area, rural areas around Portland like Hood River or the Dalles. Mykale Elbe, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC
Catherine McAuley School of Nursing College of Health Professions Maryville University
Course Description Full Year 2018 Sharon Botchway


Disclaimer:  While the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon has an options for students to post needed preceptors on this website, this is a voluntary process and there is no guarantee that a preceptor will volunteer. The primary responsibility for linking students with clinical preceptors lies with the academic program. Students should first work with their faculty advisor to secure an appropriate precepted clinical experience.


From The Oregon State Board of Nursing, Administrative Rules, Division 50 (851-050-0001, section 13):

The Board’s additional requirements for Oregon based Nurse Practitioner programs are as follows. The Dean or Director of the Nursing school which provides one or more Nurse Practitioner programs/tracks shall ensure that one or more qualified faculty are appointed and have defined position responsibility to address the administrative functions of the program/track. Administrative functions include budget and resource preparation, curricular design, oversight of program implementation and evaluation. The appointed faculty and preceptor(s) in the program shall meet the following requirements:
Nurse Practitioner Program Faculty, Administration and Preceptors

(a) Nurse Practitioner Program Administrator who has overall responsibility for one or more NP tracks shall meet the following requirements:

  • (A) A current active unencumbered Oregon Nurse Practitioner state certificate;
  • (B) National certification as a Nurse Practitioner in at least one population focus area; Oregon (C) A doctoral degree in a health-related field;
  • (D) Educational preparation or experience in teaching and learning principles for adult education, including curriculum development and administration and at least two years of current clinical experience which meets Oregon’s practice requirements;
  • (E) In a multi-track program, where only one Program Administrator is appointed by the Dean or Director of the school, there must be evidence of additional program administrators or lead Nurse Practitioner faculty to provide oversight for student supervision who are nationally certified in that specific program’s population focus.

(b) The Nurse Practitioner Program Educator shall meet the following requirements:

  • (A) A current active unencumbered Oregon Nurse Practitioner state certificate;
  • (B) An earned doctoral degree in nursing; or
  • (C) A masters degree with a major in nursing and an appropriate advanced practice nurse credential; and
  • (D) Two years of clinical experience as a Nurse Practitioner; and
  • (E) Current knowledge, competence, and certification as a Nurse Practitioner in the population foci consistent with teaching responsibilities;
  • (F) Adjunct clinical faculty employed solely to supervise clinical nursing experiences of students shall meet all the faculty requireme

(c) Clinical Preceptors in the Nurse Practitioner program shall meet the following requirements:

  • (A) Student preceptor ratio shall be appropriate to accomplishment of learning objectives, to provide for patient safety, and to the complexity of the clinical situation;
  • (B) Oregon licensure or certification appropriate to the health professional area of practice;
  • (C) Functions and responsibilities for the preceptor shall be clearly documented in a written agreement between the agency, the preceptor, and the clinical program
  • (D) Initial experiences in the clinical practicum and a majority of the clinical experiences shall be under the supervision of clinical preceptors who are licensed advanced practice registered nurses.

(d) Nurse Practitioner Educator responsibilities shall include:

  • (A) Making arrangements with agency personnel in advance of the clinical experience which provides and verifies student supervision, preceptor orientation, and faculty defined objectives;
  • (B) Monitoring student assignments, making periodic site visits to the agency, evaluating students’ performance on a regular basis with input from the student and preceptor, and availability for direct supervision during students’ scheduled clinical time;
  • (C) Providing direct supervision by a qualified faculty or experienced license

Out of State Students


Clinical Practicum in Oregon for Nurse Practitioner Students Enrolled in a Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program

(1) A nurse practitioner student enrolled in a Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program may not participate in a clinical practicum in Oregon without prior Board authorization.

(2) Prior authorization will be predicated upon approval of the following:

  • (a) A completed registration form (Advanced Practice Student Verification of Supervised Practice in Oregon in a Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program);
  • (b) Verification of a current, unencumbered registered nurse license in Oregon;
  • (c) Verification of enrollment in a graduate program accredited by a United States Department of Education or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation approved national accrediting body;
  • (d) Verification of regional accreditation and/or Board of Nursing approval from the state in which the program originates;
  • (e) Proof of approval by the Office of Degree Authorization of the Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program;
  • (f) Submission of a written signed agreement between the Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program responsible for the student and the Oregon licensed preceptor;
  • (g) Identification of the faculty advisor accountable for general supervision from the Non-Oregon Based Graduate Program; and
  • (h) Identification of the Oregon licensed nurse practitioner faculty providing direct clinical evaluation of the nurse practitioner student.

(3) Oregon licensed preceptors are responsible for validating that the student has registered and received Board authorization prior to participating in a clinical practicum in Oregon.

(4) A nurse practitioner student shall practice under the direct supervision of an approved Oregon licensed nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, medical physician, or doctor of osteopathy who agrees to serve as preceptor, and general supervision of a faculty member as approved in the clinical practicum registration.


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